amy robinson missing

Amy Robinson Missing: A weak 19-year-old looking for freedom evaporated while bicycling to her position at a supermarket for a situation that left policing. n 1998, Amy Robinson was a young lady who’d essentially been brought by her grandma up in Arlington, Texas — a town around 15 miles east of Stronghold Worth and 20 miles west of Dallas. The new secondary school graduate was a motivation to numerous for accomplishing her fantasies regardless of living with Turner Disorder, a hereditary condition that left her with the outlook of a 14-year-old, as per her grandma, Carolyn Maifeld.

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Turner Disorder didn’t prevent her from doing anything,” her sister, Amanda Robinson, told Arraigning Evil with Kelly Siegler, circulating Saturdays at 8/7c on Oxygen. Amy had not just gladly gotten a confirmation and contended in neighborhood Unique Olympic races yet in addition cherished having the freedom to take her green bike to a close by supermarket, where she sacked food professionally. Those near Amy contemplated whether this kid like trust had a say in why, on February 15, 1998, she never showed up at her shift. However she’d went out at around 12:30 p.m., by 4:15 p.m., she was mysteriously gone, provoking her supervisor to sound the caution.

Amy’s dad called the Arlington Police Division, detailing the high schooler was most recently seen with her bike and a plastic sack containing her uniform, as indicated by the Arlington P.D. Sgt. Mark Simpson. Sgt. Simpson said it was a “immediate course” between Amy’s home and the supermarket. That was the last she was seen,” he said. Amy’s strange vanishing started a gigantic pursuit, which included framework searches, helicopters, and public requests.

“The way that she was missing was wherever in Arlington,” Tarrant Province Examiner Christy Jack told Arraigning Evil, recognizing the weighty presence of local area support. In the mean time, Arlington P.D. talked with Amy’s partners, learning she was “all around enjoyed” by all, as per Sgt. Simpson. At that point, police likewise investigated previous partner, 23-year-old Robert Neville.

A portion of individuals at the store had said [Robert Neville] and Amy Robinson were somewhat in a sweetheart circumstance,” said Arlington Police Investigator John T. Stanton Sr. “In any case, when addressed, Robert Neville said, ‘Nah, we were simply somewhat companions through work.