President Ruto Accident

President Ruto Accident: Meru congressperson Kathuri Murungi has gotten down on the Kenya Public Interstate Power (KeNHA) after President Ruto’s true vehicle experienced a tire burst subsequent to hitting a pothole.

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Congressperson Murungi was talking at Ntharene, along the Meru-Embu interstate on Monday, where the occurrence is said to have happened at toward the middle of the afternoon.

“I felt so upset for the president kuona gari yake imegonga na imepasuka mguu,” the Congressperson said on Monday.

“Suppose we were going down slope na imepiga mguu what might have happened to the Head of State.”

As per the congressperson, in the Saturday, January 27 occurrence, the president’s true vehicle hit a pothole as it went uphill and halted minutes after the fact.

“With that speed of the official motorcade, assuming we were going downhill, we would now discuss a totally different matter,” he added.

Congressperson Kathuri currently faults KeNHA for inability to keep up with the Meru-Embu thruway, which he said, has created numerous potholes, presenting threats to drivers and walkers.

The administrator begged KeNHA to fix the roadway and simultaneously, overhaul a portion of the bustling KERRA Streets to KeNHA principles.

The vocal congressperson additionally believes KeNHA should give the support agreements to local people, whom he claims can facilitate fixes whenever the situation allows.

By Adnan