Chicago Pd Missing Detectives: Three Female Main Characters Have Seemingly Disappeared

چلہ یار/ڈڈیال۔۔۔۔۔۔۔حاجی محمد صدیق جو برطانیہ سے واپس وطن سفر کے دوران داعی اجل کو لبیک کہہ گے تھے مرحوم کا جنازہ آج دن گیارہ بجے چلہ یار ان کے آبائی گاؤں ادا ہو گا۔دیگر کو بھی مطلع فرمائیں۔
انا للہ وانا الیہ راجعون
ہم مرحوم کے لیے مغفرت اور لواحقین کے لئے صبر جمیل کی دعا کرتے ہیں۔

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Chicago Pd Missing Detectives: The ladies of Chicago P.D. have been eclipsed by their own lives, yet they can possibly serious areas of strength for be autonomous characters.  Hailey Upton needs to zero in on her own turn of events and authority abilities, as opposed to exclusively depending on her relationship with Jay. Kim Burgess ought to turn into an investigator and her continuous battle with psychological wellness could be a strong storyline to investigate. Trudy Platt’s personality ought to likewise be additionally evolved to offer help and direction to the group.

As a youngster, Chicago P.D’s. Analyst Hailey Upton would work the register in her dad’s cafe after school. At some point, a man looted them, breaking her dad’s eye attachment and taking $272.57. Sergeant Trudy Platt, then a watch official, was essential for the answering group, and when Hailey described the occasion for Trudy during Season 4, Episode 21, “Fagin,” she said, “I was so terrified through all that, stressed assuming my father planned to make it, yet you encouraged me.” Trudy grinned, and the following thing Hailey said shocked her: “I turned into a cop as a result of you.” The second helps watchers to remember areas of strength for how show’s female characters can be – – whenever offered the chance.

Chicago P.D. has never areas of strength for avoided, paying little heed to orientation. Heroes like previous investigators Erin Lindsay and Antonio Dawson have left their imprint as individuals from the world class Insight Unit. However, the show’s three female primary characters have apparently vanished into their own lives or on account of Platt, recently vanished. Dick Wolf and his showrunners know how to compose female cops beyond close connections – – Regulation and Request: SVU’s Olivia Benson has been single the greater part of her residency on the show, regardless of fans believing Benson should have a cheerful closure – – so it’s certainly feasible for the ladies of Chicago P.D. to have more. In Season 11, they must do.