Traileuse Disparue La Plagne

Ulrike Maier Accident: quite a while back today on January 29, 1994, Austrian ski racer Ulrike Maier passed on in an accident during the Declining race at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The 26-year-old ski racer was going at 104 kmh (65 mph) when her right ski got an edge.

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The double cross Super-G Title holder turned out and collided with a timing unit which was ineffectively gotten with a sack of feed along the edge of the race course. The effect was brutal to the point that the ski racer lost her head protector and cut off her spinal line. Maier is accepted to have passed on right away.

Her four-year-old girl Melanie was watching in the completion region.

Ulrike Maier’s life partner Hubert Schweighoer sued race authorities at the Global Ski and Snowboard Alliance (FIS) for carelessness occasioning passing. FIS was requested to pay CHF 600,000 (USD 694,355) into an asset that had Melanie Maier as recipient, while two FIS authorities were requested to pay CHF 10,000 (USD 11,573) each.

A great deal has occurred in those a long time since to work on the wellbeing of ski racers, with A-nets and B-nets presently getting all FIS race courses, triple netting even at key spots of race courses, and cushioning of corners and arches along race courses. Moreover, ski racers are likewise expected to sign an obligation waiver, recognizing they are dashing despite the obvious danger.

By Adnan